Monday, October 31, 2005

In the name of $$$

Saturday night, I attended a Halloween party hosted by one of the local radio stations. My reasons for attending were that I know the djs for the station and because the grand prize for the best costume was $1000. When I found out this was the prize, I called up my friend and made her an offer: we'd help each other with our costumes and if either of us won, we'd split the money. I decided to go as a skanky nun, and she decided to go as a skanky girlscout. Now, I am not in the habit of dressing like a skank, but for $1000, I'll make an exception.

My costume turned out really well. I made the nun habit by sewing the head piece and using graduation robes. I was very impressed with the head piece simply because I've never sewn anything in my life and it turned out perfect. I caked on some makeup (which is also something I dont do) and I wore about 6 different celtic crosses around my neck all on different length chains. Under the robes, I wore a black mini skirt, a black tanktop, fishnets, and fuckme boots. I made sure a lacey red bra was showing out the top of my tanktop.

My friend's costume was her old GS vest with a tiny brown skirt and she tied her hair in pig tails. She taped on some suggestive patches that said things like "troop 69" and "best head" and "co-ed naked ice skating champ." She also had a little tin of cookies with a sign on it that said "Would you like to taste my cookies?" Throughout the night she was offering cookies from her tin to men on the dance floor. It was pretty funny.

We get to the party and I say to my friend, "So, fifty-fifty, right?" And she looks at me and says, "When I win, I'll take you to dinner, but hell if I'm splitting it with you." Now this friend of mine has always been a bit of a bitch, and I know it, but usually she keeps it under control enough not to cross me, mostly because she doesnt have many female friends and can't afford to lose any. But like I said, I'm used to her bitchiness and I take it in stride. Besides, if I won, I wouldnt have to split it with her either.

When the djs called for the contestants, everyone went before us. My friend got up on stage, held up her cookies and wiggled her hips to the music a little. People weren't very impressed simply because all the girls who preceeded her did things just a little bit more...skankily. Besides, no one could read her tin or see her patches. When I went up there, I was in full robes and everyone kept shouting "NO! That's so wrong" and "Dont let a nun be in the sleazy contest!" I waited for the music to start and dropped the robes and the entire crowd gasped in unison. It was awesome. I danced. I was shocked at my own brazenness, and terrified at the same time. I dont like to have a lot of people looking at me. But everyone cheered. The two finalists for that segment were myself and Rainbowbrite.

When I came down from the initial runthrough, my friend looked very dejected and said "I dont know why my costume didnt win." This friend of mine has a body better than mine, and she likes to show it off, so usually, when we go out men like her better than me. It doesn't bother me. I stopped trying to compete with other women a long time ago, but she hasnt learned that lesson yet. She was, dare I say, disgusted, that anyone would like me bettter than her. So in order to make the men in the crowd like her better she told me "So, if it looks like its going to be a close call between the two of you, I'll jump up on the stage and make out with you." Dumbly, I agreed. I had the contest anyway, yet she jumped up and made out with me anyhow.

It was a little bit funny, and I won an mp3 player, so I couldnt really complain.

Right before the final competition for the $1000, they had a suprise category which was "anything goes" and my friend started going crazy. She wanted me to get up on stage with her and make out or do something freaky, and she kept saying 50/50! 50/50! as if I wanted to share shit with her after she pretty much told me to screw off at the beginning of the night. Not to mention the fact that it would look completely retarded for me to go up there agains since I was already a finalist. I was really worried that she was going to go up there and make an ass of herself, so I had to bribe her with 40% of my potential winnings for her not to do it.

Our plan for the final competition was that she would come up only if it looked like someone else was going to get it. Well, they called me and I went up on stage and she followed right behind me and stuck her tongue down my throat. She definitely looked like the drunk girl who had to be the center of everyone's attention. People weren't really charmed by it at all.

Oh, did I mention through all this her boyfriend and my boyfriend were there? Her boyfriend was completely embarrassed by her behavior, as was mine. I was completely humilated because I don't like kissing girls. I have no desire to. I like dick. I like men. End of story. The first time she and I made out on stage, it was funny. The second time, it was pathetic.

The Garden Gnome won the $1000.

Iron Man Lives Again!

I am Iron Man![Dave/Scott]
I’m sitting in Dr. Garver’s Foreign Policy of China class when my eyes catch movement around the doorway like they always do. Instead of being some leggy sorostitute, the leg looked to be made of metal! I excused myself and walked out of class in a manner that one would think that I was going to the restroom. Turns out someone took some time to make a metal costume in the flavor of Bender from the cartoon Futurama. Pretty hardcore, even for GT standards of nerdiness (ever see a Techie dress as Link from The Legend of Zelda? I have). I managed to snap a piss-poor picture with my phone.
Song of the Moment: “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Infinite Crisis [Commentary Added]

Face to face with Death[Dave/Scott]
Let’s start at the beginning, but before I start, let me explain the situation. Last Friday I was scheduled for an essay examination for my Engineering in History class. I was planning to read the dozen or so chapters (which were to be found online) Wednesday night. That afternoon I found to my great dismay that my laptop’s screen refused to power up. Sure, I could’ve gone to the library, but it can be troublesome at times to find a computer to work at. I went to Circuit City and explained my problem, inquiring on how long it would take to make repairs. The answer was a couple weeks, which was unacceptable since I had other tests coming soon after the exam on Friday that also required much work on a computer as well. After about an hour of thinking over the options, I decided to buy a new desktop, which was something I didn’t want to do for at least another year. Thursday night involved much cramming, but I think I managed Friday’s test fairly well.
[ It's hilarious that these things happen right before important things like tests are about to happen. I made sure to purchase extra warranty with the new desktop. ]

Fast-forward to Saturday. Little Chad and I were to go see compositions by Prokofiev (think Peter and the Wolf) and Shostakovich (poor sod composed for Stalin) be conducted by Roberto Abbado at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. On the way there I was trying to switch to the left lane, looking over my left shoulder when Chad asserts that I should stop. I look forward and floor the breaks, stopping within an inch or two of the bumper of the vehicle in front of me. We manage the rest of the trip to Woodruff Arts Center without any other real near accident. I have a martini before the start to dull my senses so that I’m not so critical of the upcoming piano concerto and symphony. I really enjoyed the overture (on Hebrew Themes) by Prokofiev and first, second, and fourth (final) movements of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10 in E Minor, Op. 93, particularly the compositions by the latter composer because they fit my mood. On the way back I nearly engage in a head on collision with another vehicle in an intersection near my apartment. These were the two closest times I’ve come to an accident since my brakes died going down Piedmont Avenue. These were a hard couple days, probably the most stressful since my time as an engineer.
[ Good martini. ]
Song of the Moment: “I Disappear” by Metallica

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Things They Say

There is only DOOM[Dave/Scott]
I love it when people try to describe me. It allows me to gauge how well I believe they truly know me, also providing me with insights that I might’ve missed. I feel like analyzing a couple “labels” that caught my ear or eye lately.

“The nerdy jock.” I believe I was called this by Ian when we were driving back from Oxford’s. The conversation was over what traits discern oneself from the elusive idea of a “normal person.” Ian’s rationale behind this label was someone who enjoyed going to the gym (hence the jock), yet I have a heightened interest in technology, particularly in small and portable gadgets (hence the nerd). I somewhat object to being called a jock due to the fact that my interest in sports is rather low, if nonexistent, and my ability to move weights is above average at best, at least based on performance in gyms.

“The vindicator.” I remember walking in Kroger with Joanna having some sort of discussion about her ex-roommate. She told me that I had great sense of morality, yet a harsh sense when it came to punishment. My reasoning behind this was to exact punishments severe enough to discourage the same wrong-doings from the person or persons in question in the future. Despite my attempt to explain myself, Joanna still reasoned that she’d hate to be on my bad side. I even remember someone saying something along the lines of me retaliating with cruise missiles to border harassment by a neighboring state.

“Control freak.” A couple of my friends think that I have a serious God-complex problem. I guess this is evident in my need for order and in my recent game in Civilization III. I know I’ve professed to attempting to think of many different scenarios and contingencies for how situations could potentially play out, but I know full well that nothing truly goes exactly to plan. But still, to plan is better than to leave everything to chance, right?
Song of the Moment: “Dirty Window” by Metallica

Monday, October 24, 2005

Deepest Darkest Secret

I took one of those online quizzes and all it said for me to do was enter my name and it would give me my darkest secret. I came up with this:

Your darkest secret is:
You wore the same pair of underwear for 2 weeks

Funny thing is...that has actually happened to me. Damn..they're good...real good.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Animals, Model United Newbies, and Whiners!

Behold our fearsome gladiator hamster![Dave/Scott]
Jack’s sister was forced to give up her bunny due to extenuating circumstances with her roommates, so Jack decided to house it here. It’s the perfect pet for our housing situation because she’s pretty quiet and was housebroken already. We all had also been contemplating getting a hamster for a couple weeks so I decided on Saturday to get one. We couldn’t name her “Houdini” because of gender but after marveling at her ability to dodge and evade my attempts to grab her, we nickname her “Regina Bush” after Reggie Bush, that TB for USC that’s too good to be true.

Wasted the Monday and Tuesday of our Fall Break again in participating as a director for Georgia Tech’s Model UN hosted for high school students in the states. I decided to take the lax road instead of going rules/gavel nazi this time around. This time around I actually had a terrific assistant, Nicole, who would take the reigns without hesitation. I was also given a page by the name of Kunj this year. Knowing full and well how boring a page’s job is, I decided to take the small, timid, Indian sophomore under my wing, grooming him to be my replacement. He essentially turned into the ultimate multi-tasker who I would even allow to call the assembly to order with the gavel on some occasions. I also gave Kunj the job of getting as many digits from the cute girls in committee, and despite his initial shyness, he had received about four after the two days of conference had finished. I urged that our secretariat recognize exemplary pages and they actually listened to me. During the awards ceremony I yelled “Kunj, you’re my boy!” in Old School fashion when the surprised kid got his award. This last conference was actually satisfying for once, and marked a fitting end to my involvement to modeling a poor system for international representation.

Classes recommenced on Wednesday, where Dr. Brecke made a proposal to the class. In a nutshell, he would drop anything done prior (case studies, midterms, etc.) if the class would allow him to elaborate on his life’s work, the class giving him feedback in return for his ideas. There would be no required readings, no papers, no midterms. There would be three possible grades, A’s, C’s, and F’s. All you would need for the top grade would be to attend class regularly and contribute one verbal contribution to the class a week. This would essentially force you to be engaged in the class in order to contribute enough to get the A, increasing learning benefits in the long run. There were a handful of naysayers, particularly those few that were regular jabbers earlier into the semester. Brecke said that he never had access to this much “brainpower” because he had never taught a class of this size before, but one of the persons going against his proposal blurted out that she did not believe that there was much “brainpower” at all. She earned the ire of around 150 people when they walked down from their seats at the end of the period, giving her angered looks. Uncommon sense dictates that one should never piss off a mob, even if they are “dumb” I say.
Song of the Moment: “Never Turns to More” by Corrosion of Conformity

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I got a dwarf bunny named 'Hops'

David got a hamster named 'Regina Bush'.

Picture goodness soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Potential Problem Exposed!

The Dark Side of the ShaftChristine looked tired in SciTech class one day. Before I could ask, she told me why. Part of East Campus was blocked off due to a bomb threat, which prevented her from taking her usual mid-day nap. Later that day I heard that the janitor that found one of the bombs was hospitalized. I said remember guessing it was a freshman, due to it being Fall semester, where many of them are first being introduced to the stressful environment that is Georgia Tech. This semester is also when many students take the first required chemistry class, giving them weekly access to chemicals.

Here’s the campus advisory e-mail sent to all students a couple days ago:
A Georgia Tech student has indicated his involvement in the Oct. 10
incident involving a crude bottle explosive found on east campus.
The incident was not in any way the work of a "terrorist" group.

The student turned himself in to Georgia Tech police the morning of Oct. 11 and confessed to his involvement. He's facing charges for possession of a destructive device (a felony under Georgia Law) and reckless conduct (a misdemenor under Georgia law).

The freshman engineering student has been temporarily suspended pending a student judiciary ruling.

Georgia Tech Police and the Atlanta Police Department are still investigating the incident. The contents and exact nature of the bottle explosives has not been determined and is still under investigation.
Don’t rightly know if the student in question was in danger of failing or if his stunt was caused by some other stress, but this brings light to a potential problem. This school fails loads of students, a good many of who are still smart people despite their academic performance. These students go from being all A’s and B’s students in high school to making C’s, D’s, and F’s when they come here. It’s a hard transition that has a decent chance of making reasonable people think unreasonably. It’s dangerous to piss off smart people.

MIT has one of the highest, if not the highest, suicide rates in the country. They saw this as a problem and attempted to fix this by changing all freshman level courses to pass/fail. This solution took did some to alleviate the stress over grades during a students introduction to college, effectively lowering the rate of suicide. I’m curious to see if GT even attempts a fix at this new problem. They could make freshmen take something other than chemistry their first semester, like physics. Or maybe the administration will be as oblivious as its always been.
Song of the Moment: “Shadow on the Sun” by Audioslave

Thursday, October 13, 2005

At a Loss of Words, Well, Not Really

Yeehaaaa!On Wednesday I was to give a three minute talk on my stance on the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) II conclusion for my Science, Technology and International Affairs class. I knew everyone was going to argue along the lines of policy, since liberal arts majors as a whole abhor science and mathematics, so I chose to delve into the science of nuclear weapons, to understand what is behind the creation of those unique and pretty clouds.

I spent hours looking over frighteningly detailed FAQs on nuclear weapons online, seeking to understand how the weapons work, along with pouring over the case study on SALT II we were assigned, striving to understand the different points of view on the American side of the talks. My proposal concluded something that was mentioned numerous times in the case study, though was something totally ignored by both sides for they desired broad limits which would allow for room R&D flexibility. I my conclusion was that limits shouldn’t have been set so much as equal aggregate ceilings, but more around the lines of nuclear missile throw-weights, which in a nutshell is the weight of weapon minus the weight of all the devices that carry it to the target. By limiting throw-weights, you limit either the number of missiles that can be created or how powerful they can be. To reach desired yields (or how hard the warhead goes boom), you need enough nuclear material to cause that sort of fission or fusion reaction. With a ceiling set on throw-weight, the superpower in question must then decide on whether to sacrifice number of weapons to maintain higher yields, or sacrifice yields to maintain high numbers. Unfortunately, this approach wasn’t in the best interests of either party, seeing as they sought to maintain first and second strike capability first and foremost.

Fast forward from that chilly conflict to yesterday, the day of presentation. Dr. Brecke gets up, and gives a 15 minute spiel, and I’m distraught. He then asks the class if he had treaded on anyone’s presentation, after which I give an audible anguished cry. Brecke asks me what was wrong and my response was that he gave two of my three minutes already. The professor asks me then if I want to go first, leading me to think to myself that this was great, he wasn’t going to even allow me to go second or third and allow me some time to fill up two minutes. I asked, “Should I even bother?” The professor said yes, so I stood in front of the class, crushed that I hadn’t expected this. I gave the one minute describing my stance and he asked if I had two questions for the class that each presenter was supposed to have. I looked at him and told him that he had answered the questions I had thought of the night before. I hand my paper to him and begin walking to my seat, somewhat startled by the applause I hear. I sit in my seat in shame and take delight in the fact that the two other presenters are torn to pieces and are not offered applauses for a condolence. **sigh**
“Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you keep it a secret! Why didn’t you tell the world, EH?”
Movie of the Moment: Dr. Strangelove

God-Complex + Civilization = BAD

God-ComplexBathrobe, check. Saturday, check. Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete, check. Feinted at the beginning with seemingly peaceful intentions, focusing on expansionist strategy to stunt the growth of my neighbors. The long-term effects of this stratagem brought me startling scientific and economic growth, allowing me to enter the Middle Ages around 50 BC, the Industrial Age around 500 AD, and the Modern Age around 1100 AD.

After observing over the course of thousands years that my fellow civilizations continued in small petty squabbles over trivialities, I realized that action needed to be taken for they were getting in the way of progress. I began pushing back each civilization individually back with military might (think of tanks clashing with ancient legions) until the civilization was left one city. After some thought I actually likened this to the United States forcing Native Americans into reservations, minus the small-pox infected blankets. The plan was to scale back each civilization to the point of one city, and after this objective was completed, I would dispense all of my civilization’s technological ideas upon each of the surviving cities, aiding my formerly squabbling neighbors in modernization at a rapid rate. France, somehow the far second most powerful civilization, challenged me, taunting to give them tribute lest they destroy me. Unfortunately for them, I had ICBMs in the 1500s, and after they had declared war, I nuked Paris. Every civilization declares war on me after the bombing. I see that though the Parisian population was devastated by the nuclear bombing, there were survivors, so I bombarded the city four more times with ICBMs. At this point every civilization was asking for peace with no extra terms from my side. In the 1700s I looked at the world and believed it FUBAR, launching my civilization to the Alpha Centaury system in hopes of making a better world there.
m s dont panic: you wont rest until you're God
m s dont panic: which is a little frightening
Dantes Entreri: LOL
Game of the Moment: Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

All your Bass are Belong to Us

Jack: so apparently there are some korean fish called "snakeheads" taking over US tributaries driving out some of my favorite fish
David: Ha
Jack: I'm going to send you back to Korea with some Bluegill and Bass to infiltrate Korean waters and take over
David: all your base are belong to us
Jack: all your bass are belong to us
David: ha
Yeah, we're pretty witty sometimes [in a nerdy way].

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Like on TV, ma!

I ate mussels yesterday. They were good, cooked in garlic and white wine.

One of them had something kinda hard in it, and I thought I might have eaten a piece of shell.

I spat out a pearl.

I didn't know before then that mussels were capable of producing pearls, but I suppose all those clam-like creatures must do them.

Its a very tiny pearl, maybe 1/8 of an inch across, tops, but I'm gonna try and hold onto it for a while.


Friday, October 07, 2005

New Girlfriend

I was seeing this girl for the past 3 weeks, but that ended...when someone stole my binoculars.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sanctuary Compromised

Another Jim Lee Batman sketchI came up to my usual lonely haunt on campus to find people already up there. This was supposed to be my place away from the noise and the chaos found in the student center, but word must have gotten out about this area. I’ll have to find somewhere else to sit alone and plot world domination from, now that this quiet place has been polluted with the likes of obnoxious imbeciles that Georgia Tech passes for engineers.
“The walls are breached!”

“The fortress is taken. It is over.”
Movie of the Moment: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Modern Art [Warning: Explicit Content]

Mickey Mouse eating apple pieMy brother and I are very cultured, we are. Really. Yes, really. We are seriously cultured. To demonstrate why to you nonbelievers, I will post to you what is a normal conversation between us siblings, the topic of this particular discussion being modern art.
nathanp1118: bubba
Dantes Entreri: mojo
nathanp1118: i just took a dump
Dantes Entreri: lol
nathanp1118: and it totally looked like mickey mouse eating apple pie
Dantes Entreri: **blinks**
nathanp1118: it was by far
nathanp1118: the most awesomest thing i have ever seen
nathanp1118: matter of fact
nathanp1118: it was borderline modern art
nathanp1118: so therefore
nathanp1118: i didn't flush
Dantes Entreri: **blinks again**
No need to thank us, we believe it our duty to culture this world of shortening attention spans and diminishing tastes.
“This world need dreamers to give it a soul.”

“And it needs realists to keep it alive.”
Song of the Moment: “Symphony No. 6 In F Major, Op. 68 'Pastoral': Allegro Ma Non Troppo” composed by Ludwig van Beethoven

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First Post

I felt as if my first post wasn't sufficient enough. So I thought of other topics I could scribble about that might make a lasting impression. I sat there and said, hey maybe i should write about the movie Serenity, but now seeing as how my brother already did that....but no worries i had a back up topic. I was going to write about how i had made the mistake of buying X-Men Legends 2....but lo and behold....once great idea was swiped from me by the insolent one....well back to the drawing board...

im going to go fart with a walk man on....cause thats funny to me.

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Legend Returns, the Search for Serenity, and Other Non-Related Madness

SerenityI made the mistake of purchasing X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse the week before four tests. Oddly enough, my roommates played the more than I did with Matt even beating it last week. I made up for lost time this weekend, playing the game in my bathrobe, only leaving the living room chair to shower (yes, sleep and food were optional). The bastards at Raven Software took a Diablo II approach with this sequel, making it annoyingly addicting and re-playable.

Saw Serenity this weekend and was very satisfied with how it turned out. Joss Whedon’s pacing with the movie was perfect; the situation growing so tense at the climax where you seriously doubted anyone was making it out alive. Definitely a better Sci-Fi movie than Episode III, that’s for sure.

On Sunday Matt was begging me to invite people over for dinner. He wasn’t in the mood for his gay friends, so he was asking me to invite straight people over to our apartment. I managed to lure Jessie and her roommates over for a torturous affair of listening to Matt run his mouth as we ate fake Chinese. He was behaving pretty well. It only took him two hours to scare them off.

I came to work today with the knee brace on. The coworkers thought my knee was hurt running from angry boyfriends of girls I hang out with (on occasion). I’m not a bird-dogger, damn you.
Movie of the Moment: Serenity

Saturday, October 01, 2005

My brother made me do it.

My brother made me join this, so I figured what the hell. But now I must go teach english, I hate teaching english..but it's good money.

Teaching wasn't so bad, just the first I am tired...and I downloaded the first season of House, seems interesting..I'm going to watch it all tonight...It's going to be a wild crazy night and I'm going to live like the sexy bachelor I am.

Killing children...because the term "fetus" is too medically accurate.

Here in the south, republicans are a dime-a-dozen. I suppose I can survive the republicans okay. It's the extreme religious right that drives me into an un-checked rage of violence.

Example: Pregnancy and Abortion.

Moral issue? Definitely. Matter of choice? Apparently that's debatable. If you go to this website and look around, especially at the pregnancy>abortion link or even the info>contraception link, you will find an organization posing as a clinic. They are not, however, a clinic. They are an NGO with absolutely no doctors on staff and no medically trained personell whatsoever. Instead of providing medically accurate information, they use language to deter people from having abortions, using contraception, or having sex at all (unless it is under the pretense of having a child in wedlock). When "educating" people about abortion, instead of refering to the unborn as a fetus or an embryo, they call it a child or an infant. What the fuck? A fetus is a fetus. A fetus is not a child. Call it what it fucking is. Calling it a child implies that it is walking and talking and thinking, instead of acknowledging it for what it is...a parasite with the POTENTIAL of becoming a person.

But these people do not stop at the medically inaccurate guild trip--oh no. They take it to a religious level. Girls who are looking for birth control options or who have found themselves pregnant and seeking an abortion, have unwittingly turned to this organization seeking help. Of course, who wouldn't, with a name like "The Pregnancy Center of Central Virginia"? It sounds ligit, does it not? Instead of finding information and help, these girls get lectures about God and Jesus and abstinence. They also find themselves being encouraged to marry the man who knocked them up--to avoid going to hell.


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