Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Things They Say

There is only DOOM[Dave/Scott]
I love it when people try to describe me. It allows me to gauge how well I believe they truly know me, also providing me with insights that I might’ve missed. I feel like analyzing a couple “labels” that caught my ear or eye lately.

“The nerdy jock.” I believe I was called this by Ian when we were driving back from Oxford’s. The conversation was over what traits discern oneself from the elusive idea of a “normal person.” Ian’s rationale behind this label was someone who enjoyed going to the gym (hence the jock), yet I have a heightened interest in technology, particularly in small and portable gadgets (hence the nerd). I somewhat object to being called a jock due to the fact that my interest in sports is rather low, if nonexistent, and my ability to move weights is above average at best, at least based on performance in gyms.

“The vindicator.” I remember walking in Kroger with Joanna having some sort of discussion about her ex-roommate. She told me that I had great sense of morality, yet a harsh sense when it came to punishment. My reasoning behind this was to exact punishments severe enough to discourage the same wrong-doings from the person or persons in question in the future. Despite my attempt to explain myself, Joanna still reasoned that she’d hate to be on my bad side. I even remember someone saying something along the lines of me retaliating with cruise missiles to border harassment by a neighboring state.

“Control freak.” A couple of my friends think that I have a serious God-complex problem. I guess this is evident in my need for order and in my recent game in Civilization III. I know I’ve professed to attempting to think of many different scenarios and contingencies for how situations could potentially play out, but I know full well that nothing truly goes exactly to plan. But still, to plan is better than to leave everything to chance, right?
Song of the Moment: “Dirty Window” by Metallica


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