Sunday, October 30, 2005

Infinite Crisis [Commentary Added]

Face to face with Death[Dave/Scott]
Let’s start at the beginning, but before I start, let me explain the situation. Last Friday I was scheduled for an essay examination for my Engineering in History class. I was planning to read the dozen or so chapters (which were to be found online) Wednesday night. That afternoon I found to my great dismay that my laptop’s screen refused to power up. Sure, I could’ve gone to the library, but it can be troublesome at times to find a computer to work at. I went to Circuit City and explained my problem, inquiring on how long it would take to make repairs. The answer was a couple weeks, which was unacceptable since I had other tests coming soon after the exam on Friday that also required much work on a computer as well. After about an hour of thinking over the options, I decided to buy a new desktop, which was something I didn’t want to do for at least another year. Thursday night involved much cramming, but I think I managed Friday’s test fairly well.
[ It's hilarious that these things happen right before important things like tests are about to happen. I made sure to purchase extra warranty with the new desktop. ]

Fast-forward to Saturday. Little Chad and I were to go see compositions by Prokofiev (think Peter and the Wolf) and Shostakovich (poor sod composed for Stalin) be conducted by Roberto Abbado at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. On the way there I was trying to switch to the left lane, looking over my left shoulder when Chad asserts that I should stop. I look forward and floor the breaks, stopping within an inch or two of the bumper of the vehicle in front of me. We manage the rest of the trip to Woodruff Arts Center without any other real near accident. I have a martini before the start to dull my senses so that I’m not so critical of the upcoming piano concerto and symphony. I really enjoyed the overture (on Hebrew Themes) by Prokofiev and first, second, and fourth (final) movements of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10 in E Minor, Op. 93, particularly the compositions by the latter composer because they fit my mood. On the way back I nearly engage in a head on collision with another vehicle in an intersection near my apartment. These were the two closest times I’ve come to an accident since my brakes died going down Piedmont Avenue. These were a hard couple days, probably the most stressful since my time as an engineer.
[ Good martini. ]
Song of the Moment: “I Disappear” by Metallica


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