Saturday, October 22, 2005

Animals, Model United Newbies, and Whiners!

Behold our fearsome gladiator hamster![Dave/Scott]
Jack’s sister was forced to give up her bunny due to extenuating circumstances with her roommates, so Jack decided to house it here. It’s the perfect pet for our housing situation because she’s pretty quiet and was housebroken already. We all had also been contemplating getting a hamster for a couple weeks so I decided on Saturday to get one. We couldn’t name her “Houdini” because of gender but after marveling at her ability to dodge and evade my attempts to grab her, we nickname her “Regina Bush” after Reggie Bush, that TB for USC that’s too good to be true.

Wasted the Monday and Tuesday of our Fall Break again in participating as a director for Georgia Tech’s Model UN hosted for high school students in the states. I decided to take the lax road instead of going rules/gavel nazi this time around. This time around I actually had a terrific assistant, Nicole, who would take the reigns without hesitation. I was also given a page by the name of Kunj this year. Knowing full and well how boring a page’s job is, I decided to take the small, timid, Indian sophomore under my wing, grooming him to be my replacement. He essentially turned into the ultimate multi-tasker who I would even allow to call the assembly to order with the gavel on some occasions. I also gave Kunj the job of getting as many digits from the cute girls in committee, and despite his initial shyness, he had received about four after the two days of conference had finished. I urged that our secretariat recognize exemplary pages and they actually listened to me. During the awards ceremony I yelled “Kunj, you’re my boy!” in Old School fashion when the surprised kid got his award. This last conference was actually satisfying for once, and marked a fitting end to my involvement to modeling a poor system for international representation.

Classes recommenced on Wednesday, where Dr. Brecke made a proposal to the class. In a nutshell, he would drop anything done prior (case studies, midterms, etc.) if the class would allow him to elaborate on his life’s work, the class giving him feedback in return for his ideas. There would be no required readings, no papers, no midterms. There would be three possible grades, A’s, C’s, and F’s. All you would need for the top grade would be to attend class regularly and contribute one verbal contribution to the class a week. This would essentially force you to be engaged in the class in order to contribute enough to get the A, increasing learning benefits in the long run. There were a handful of naysayers, particularly those few that were regular jabbers earlier into the semester. Brecke said that he never had access to this much “brainpower” because he had never taught a class of this size before, but one of the persons going against his proposal blurted out that she did not believe that there was much “brainpower” at all. She earned the ire of around 150 people when they walked down from their seats at the end of the period, giving her angered looks. Uncommon sense dictates that one should never piss off a mob, even if they are “dumb” I say.
Song of the Moment: “Never Turns to More” by Corrosion of Conformity


At Tue Oct 25, 06:12:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, yes I remembered two lessons after doing that:

1. Don't shit where you sleep (I pissed off my suitemate pretty badly)

2. Never piss off one big group of people without making another big group of people happy

...what can I say it was that time of the month

At Tue Oct 25, 06:32:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

I'm confused, very confused.


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