Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bird-Dogging, Cowboys in Space, Sexuality Questioned, and Other Stories

See no evilTuesday I’m heading out to work as I notice a little boy sitting at the security desk of my apartment building. I ask him jokingly if he’s part of the security and find out he’s a boy scout who was brought by his Dad, one of the workers, to do a fund raiser of some sort. The kid was just old enough to start learning to read, and he was having problems reading a couple items on his list, but I just bore with, smiling all the while. Kid’s are my weakness, and I wasn’t about to leave without giving up some money before going to work, even if it was for pop corn. I bought something not too expensive, not too cheap and headed off to work.

I got the pleasure of seeing Jessie for the first time in a while on Wednesday. Went to lunch at Ferst Place since I figured it’d be a nice departure from the usual spots we go to. It just so happened that a couple of my professors of mine were eating there and stopped by to say hi and inquire on how I was doing briefly. Jessie thinks I planned it but I seriously didn’t know that they were going to be there. We have a nice chat, during which she mentioned that her boyfriend wasn’t very happy to hear that she was going to lunch with me. That morning she asked him to take her stuff to practice for her and he asked why while still laying in bed. She said it was because she was coming home for lunch like she normally did and he asked the same question again. She answered that she was going to lunch with me and she said his neutral facial expression quickly turned to a frown. I laughed after she told me this and said, “God, I live for this.”

After lunch I head to class and then to work. On the way to the job I see a police officer down the road step out of his vehicle and pull out the laser and point it me as I bike toward him. As I pass by he tells me I’m going too fast at 10 mph. Goofball. I get to work and during the shift Evelyna, the other student worker, asks if I’m gay. I stop work and go around laughing, repeating her question to all the full time workers. I ask her why and her response is that I’m a nice guy, and all the nice guys she knows are gay. Still laughing I say, “Well, if I was gay, I’d probably be dressed a helluva lot better, but I still think you’re fab, dear,” while trying to throw the wrist gesture and failing due to damage sustained from bench pressing. Later on Art, one of the bigger black coworkers, comes in and I tell him about lunch with Jessie, after which he accuses me of bird-dogging. He then tells me about all the girls he sleeps behind the back of his wife before I can object.

The next day Art comes in again, pretty pissed off. Some lanky Indian or Pakistani student called him a “fucking n****r” after Art helped him with his mailbox. Art didn’t hit him because he didn’t want to lose his job, but consensus amongst the workers said he should have. What’s with guys lacking in physical stature insulting other men who are far bigger than them? Sure, there are laws protecting his ass, but it’s just a bad idea.

I decided to join Netflix (Blockbuster’s too expensive) and rented the Firefly TV series out of curiosity of the upcoming Serenity movie based on it and I’m loving it. Basic premise is cowboys in space and the captain reminds me of Han Solo (wonder why the prequels were lacking?). Joss Whedon’s (the writer) is rocking my world with this and his run on Astonishing X-Men, though I still refuse to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
“You know what the chain of command is? It’s the chain I beat you with ‘till you understand who’s in command here.”
DVD of the Moment: Firefly


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