Monday, September 19, 2005

Done Got Out of Hand

Hottie of the Moment: Bridget MoynahanWent to the gym in the first time in over a week on Saturday and it was pretty rough. I managed to finish a good bit before heading home around 11 AM. Got back and just couldn’t stand the smell of beer permeating the apartment, especially considering that we can’t open windows, so I cleaned everything up in about 20 minutes. I bagged all the bottles and left them in Jack’s room since it was his party and I wanted to get him back for a prank last week. The bags spent about 4 hours in his bed before I started to feel bad and took them out and put them on the floor. Wrote two notes scolding the guys for leaving shit around and Jack takes it the wrong way as usual. Then after goofing off we all head out to the game.

God, the experience at the football game was awful. The game went well, but standing next to some drunk fratty that seemed to lack deodorant while waving his arms around on an overcrowded bench was a little too much for me. I made to about half-time and left. I’ll make sure to stand with Mike and his friends next time.

Sunday: Mike, Vivec, a couple of Vic’s frosh, and I drove down to Phipps to see Lord of War starring that actor that all my Korean relatives think I look like: Nicolas Cage. The movie turned out to be less of a comedy than we all thought it would be, constantly giving you facts about gun running. Half the time you’re laughing with Cage’s character, and the other half you’re wondering if he could get any more despicable. It didn’t hurt to have Bridget Moynahan looking pretty throughout the movie, though.

Came back wanting a fight with Jack only to find him sitting down, watching TV. Argued with him for a bit and woke up the roommates. We shook hands, though mostly in my mind to allow the roommies some sleep. This won’t be over for a while, I can tell. Jack thinks I’m a stubborn got everything wrong, while I think the turd’s got a horrible case of tunnel vision when it comes to other people’s perspectives. No sleep that night for me.

Daniel’s girl, Meagan, added me on FaceBook. Cute.

Art gave me a free pass for an advance screening of Waiting today, so I dragged Little Chad to see it with me. Movie was absolutely hilarious, well, at least to me because I like that kind of toilet humor. I never thought I’d be more grossed out by a movie than I was with the penis scene in Eurotrip, but damn, that one part was almost to a level comparable to TubGirl. That was worth the gas used to get to the theater.
Song of the Moment: ”Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit Done Got Out of Hand” covered by James Hetfield


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