Saturday, September 17, 2005

Party Juggling

Good timesI’m getting too old for this. Seriously, I’m getting too old to attend multiple parties in on night. First up was the 21st birthday party of a friend of Chien’s around 10 PM. Most of the party-goers were part of Chien’s professional fraternity, but I seemed to get a long with the ones I met quite well. The picture to the right was a shot I took from the phone of the people I was chilling with. Drank a couple beers, smoked a black, and downed a couple of those jello-shots before Chien decides to rally the troops back to Eighth Street. We stop by my apartment to go get Sin City and noticed the cops pull in after we pull out. I stayed at Eighth Street long enough to finish Marv’s segment of the movie before walking back to my place. It’s all downhill from here.

I get back and find out why the cops were at my place. They were looking for one of my roommates from what Jack and his friends tell me. I notice Jack’s girlfriend, Melody, is absent when I come back and I’m let in on what happened. One of his friends drives him to her place, leaving me to baby sit his friends after I’ve had around 10 beers and God knows what else. I try refereeing the heated beer-pong competition for a while before giving up and instead begin to laugh at the two teams squabbling over rules. Then one of Jack’s bigger friends starts shouting violently at the bathroom door, where Laura’s holed up in. He begins to start banging on the door, which is where Barry and I step in, fearing the cheap wood breaking. We pull him away and he tells us he’s calmed down, and leaves. Jeff and I walk down after him minutes later, concerned he’d drive off, angry and drunk. Jeff smokes a cig while we talk, and then we head back up. Jeff and Mandy sleep in the living room while the hottie, whose name I cannot remember for the life of me, gets Jack’s currently unoccupied room. **sigh** I’m getting too old for this.
Song of the Moment: “B.Y.O.B.” by System of a Down


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