Monday, August 01, 2005

Sleepless Hack, Indeed

Recommended Reading:July 2005 Site Stats.” 1 Aug. 2005.
For the month of July, this site spat in the eye of 126296 unique visitors, generating 2491920 hits/877466 page impressions and ripping through some 42 GB in bandwidth.

Got boingboinged a few times, getting a lot of traffic from and robotwisdom, and from Tom Reynolds and Suicide Girls.

Plus, I guess, people looking for dirty pictures of Katie West and Melissa Gira.

Also, seems to have done a lot of business….!

In any case, that’s about fifty thousand more people than last month. Which means it’s time to form a Church. I’m taking applications for temple whores today, and also for people who’d dance around portraits of me at conventions so that I don’t have to go to them myself.”
Gotta love those crazy Brit comic writers. I’ve been reading Warren Ellis’s run since his UN-with-testicles run with Wildstorm’s Stormwatch comic (which was actually inspiration for my senior project). Like stated many times before on this blog in utter fan-boy fashion, Planetary is my favorite running series of all time, and continuing to blow my mind ever couple months whenever a new issue is released. His writing’s not for everyone, especially the faint of heart, requiring a specific sense of humor. Neither is his writing perfect like many others claim their favorite writers to be. Why all this fan-boy ranting? I’ve stolen quite a few articles that were linked from his blog as of recently and decided I’d at least give some props.
Warren Ellis writes comic books and graphic novels, video games, animation, books, screenplays, TV, and anything else he can steal money for. He lives in South-East England and is kept standing solely by Red Bull, cigarettes, and a cane.
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