Sunday, July 24, 2005


The PunisherWorking at the gym has become rather boring after we had passed the midpoint of the summer. People aren’t as dumb as they used to be, at least in my weight room. They’ve realized that though they do pay membership dues, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they own the equipment and can use it in whatever fashion they please. My coworkers think I’m a bit too hard on some of the patrons, but in truth, I’ve only had to kick people on two occasions. I give everyone one chance. People drop weights, I let them know the first time I hear it. People do exercises wrong, I come around and instruct them on how to do it right. Most people comply, but hell, why shouldn’t they? The first group I had to kick out was a bunch of northeastern Asians wearing khakis. Every time they come in they see a sign letting them know what clothes not to wear. They left without putting up a fight. The second group was some Indians, and we know how that turned out. Now there’s rarely any trouble in the gym. People recognize me, say hi, ask what’s up, ask for spots, etc. Things still aren’t perfect, I still can’t get lifters to recognize the neat patterns in which I re-rack plates, but it’s hard to breed neatness in people this late in life. Now I have to drink multiple beers before going on my fitness shifts to keep from getting too bored.
”I go out and make the world sane.”
Comic of the Moment: The Punisher vol. 1: “In the Beginning” by Garth Ennis and Lewis Larosa


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