Monday, July 25, 2005

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On your feet, soldier.  You've just been drafted.  Into a war.Why is Gwen Stefani singing "bananas" as a bridge verse (can you really call it a verse?) in her "Hollaback Girl" song? Since the coworkers at the mail room have V103 on all day long, I have the "pleasure" of being able to hear it two or three times a day. One odd fact is that Gwen Stefani is probably the only white artist on that station (Mariah Carey doesn't count). I have to admit, I have half a mind to go and record that "bananas" as a ringtone, but my boss is begging me not to. Also, those damned four R. Kelly songs out as singles right now are rather annoying, being devoid of any real song structure. The problem is that they're probably one of the top singles on the station right now.

Speaking of work, it kind of bugs me that the employees at the gym don't make it a point to talk to the patrons, if only to say hello. This is a customer service job, after all. Despite being a proponent for discipline, I still try and greet patrons whenever I'm working behind a desk here. Are people really this anti-social at this school (the gym hires students)? They really shouldn't complain about their failings in the social arena if they can't do things as simple as greeting a stranger.

Last Friday I took leave of two of my shifts to go help Jack move his girlfriend into her new apartment. Despite my horror seeing the amount of stuff there was in the back of the U-Haul truck, it actually didn't take too long or require too much effort. What surprised me was getting a $50 check for what I thought would just be something I was doing as a favor. To add to that, Jack picked up the tab at Rocky Mountain Pizza. Well, here's to Jack and Melody for allowing me to make $20 more than I usually do for less work. **raises Dasani bottle**

The comic shelf reading has become rather jumbled as of recently. DC decided the obvious and put together Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One) and Jim Lee (Batman: Hush) together for All-Star Batman and Robin to craft their definitive vision of the Dynamic Duo outside of continuity. It was odd how they changed Robin's origin, even if slightly, since the origin hasn't been deviated from in decades. Still was neat seeing Batman in his prime despite being unseen until the last page, where he hoists the boy (who's just lost his parents mind you) into the air by his shirt, saying, "On your feet, soldier. You've just been drafted. Into a war." Mark Millar's The Ultimates continues to be my favorite Marvel book, depicting "Persons of Mass Destruction" in allegorical fashion with hints of political satire here and there (mostly dealing with Bush policy in regards to Iraq). Astonishing X-Men somehow made a fight between a room and a bald cripple cool with the latest issue. Ian, one of the current roommates, loaned me the first Sandman trade and it's proving interesting, if not as groundbreaking as people like to tout the series as being. Despite its sporadic release schedule, Planetary still reigns as my favorite comic, being sci-fi on crack mixed with a satirical look at pulp fiction genres, making you remember why you fell in love with it all in the first place.

I thought I was the paranoid one, at least until last night's conversation with Daniel. Provided a good laugh though. You liberals and idealists need to stop watching all of those conspiracy theory TV shows and movies. It's not like I'm going to use my frequent flyer miles to track down each one of the flamers on the post a couple days ago. It takes like three flights to Korea, which are about 10,000 miles one way, to get me a free trip.

I've watched Constantine twice this past week. Didn't intend to watch it more than once, but friends who haven't seen it wanted to see it, so you know the drill. It shouldn't reach Batman Begin proportions though. That was just obscene. It was still nice to spend some time with Mike.
"I guess God has a plan for us all."

"God's a kid with an ant-farm, he doesn't have a plan for anything."
Movie of the Moment: Constantine starring Keanu Reaves


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