Friday, July 29, 2005

A Fantasy Destroyed and Other Randomness

Jessica Jones in the Thinking Woman positionWow. I’ve just finished reading this trade paperback entitled Alias, which was written by Marvel’s super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis for the company’s more mature MAX line, today. It was on the back burner for over a week because Ian, one of the current roommates, kept on shoving Sandman trades in my face. Alias turned out to be a witty, dialogue-heavy, modern noir read with a touch of innovation (at least for comics) here and there. One of those pages that really opened my eyes was this one page splash of the main character, Jessica Jones, using the bathroom (see accompanying picture to the right). Thank you, Bendis. Thank you for taking my fantasy where girls are pretty things that smelled good, who didn’t need to do such foul and smelly things like take craps, and flushing it down the toilet (pardon the pun). I remember a simpler time where it was easier to believe the t-shirt that said, “Girls don’t poop.” Hell, I even remember (Big) Chad telling the roommates one semester that his Dad didn’t know women took craps until after he got married. Damn you, Bendis, damn you! For the record, I understand fully that it is necessary for women to use the bathroom like everyone else. I’ve understood this for a number of years. I just didn’t want to believe it.

Matt, the annoying roommate, said Metallica was tame on one of my concert DVDs. I hope he’s not comparing them to Rush or Opeth, because if he is, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but then again, he rarely does.

♫ It’s payday, it’s payday. ♪ **sings and dances like a half-cracker**

Freeloaders suck. I say down with mooching roommates and welfare. Get jobs and buy your own damn food, you bastards.

Summer’s almost done, thank God. It was a huge let down after all the fun had in senior seminar last semester, well, at least the after-seminar bar drinking. Summers are lose-lose situations, whether I go back to Korea or stay in Atlanta it sucks.

I’m finding that I have to bite my tongue a bit more than usual nowadays. This a problem when you’re dependent on people for plans to work. They say or do something stupid you have to hesitate before correcting them. Yes, I use people as a means to an end. Saying that people are “means” in themselves is idealist bullshit said when trying to justify using people for their own purposes.
”I return Winter’s smile and fight the urge to pummel the man.”
Comic of the Moment: Batman: War on Crime by Paul Dini and Alex Ross


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Girls fart, too.

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