Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Great Phone Dilemma

This seemed all to start when ordered a cheap plastic holster for my Sony Ericsson flip phone. It was designed only to hold one of the two primary pieces of the phone, allowing it to flip up while in the holster if need be. The problem with this was that the holster wasn’t the best at holding the phone in the case of the smallest bumps or whenever it brushed up against things. I notices sometimes it would fall out after I get out from driving, safely falling to the seat in the car, thankfully. However, my luck changed last Wednesday when I had to attend a skills check meeting for my job at the CRC around 1930. I get home and lounge around for a little while and realize the phone’s nowhere to be found around 2130. Realizing I couldn’t do anything about it at the moment since the gym was closed, I went to bed, hoping I could find my phone the following morning.

Sony Ericsson s710aWell, when I woke up the next day, I also realized that there was a good chance the phone was lost, so I did some cell phone research for about 20 minutes that morning in the case that I couldn’t find it. Walked to the gym and lo and behold, one of the more annoying supervisors had found it the night before. I thanked him and headed out, thanking God for not having to make me buy a new cell phone. I get ready for my other job and hopped on the Stinger (GT’s shuttle bus system) to get to work. I get there and work for about an hour and realize at about 1130 that the phone was gone again. I concluded that it was on the Stinger. After losing my phone twice in a 12 hour period, I resolved that the phone was lost and that I needed a new one, along with a better holster. After work was finished I hopped in the car and hit up Buckhead’s Cingular shop and bought a Sony Ericsson s710a, a $400 phone. I could’ve bought a Motorola Razr instead for around $310, but syncing software and cables for my computer would’ve cost another $50, and I already had the cables and software for Sony Ericsson phones because of my old phone. Plus it’s got a 1.3 mega pixel camera and removable Memory Stick Pro Duo card which made it a better all-in-one gadget. Before you go criticizing about the price, realize I’m probably better at saving money than you and I can occasionally drop cash on big purchases like this every once in a while and not be in a tight spot.

Well, anyways, when I get back from the store, I see an IM from Joanna saying that she got a call from my old phone saying that a guy name Marty had my phone and that he wanted me to call it to figure out how he’d get it back to me. Unfortunately, the SIM card in the old phone was now deactivated by Cingular ever since I got a new one, so calling was out of the question. He didn’t leave a last name or a number, so tracking down information on him was going to be difficult since the school directory only lets you search for people if you have the last name. The next day he actually gets smarter and calls people on my address book (oddly enough he only seems to be calling the girls **chuckles**) leaving a number to call and a last name. The girl wrote down the number incorrectly, but fortunately I had a last name now. **sigh** Well, I called him and we’re in the process of figuring out a time for me to get the phone from him. Long and confusing post, no?
Song of the Moment: "Loving the Alien" by Velvet Revolver


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