Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Can’t Catch a Break

Be vewwwy quiet...[Dave/Scott]
Recommended Reading:Cheney victim suffers heart attack.” Reuters. 14 Feb. 2006.

Not only did the poor guy get shot by the US vice-president, he later suffers a heart attack because some of the birdshot still in his body lodged near his heart. Talk about bad luck or a well orchestrated White House hit. I think the funny thing is that Jack said that he's more likely to vote for Cheney again because of this incident. I’ve pasted a snippet of the article below:
HOUSTON (Reuters) - The Texas lawyer accidentally shot by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney during a weekend quail hunt suffered a minor heart attack on Tuesday when some of the birdshot still in his body lodged near his heart, a hospital spokesman said.
Song of the Moment: “Ozzy Fudd, the Rabbit Slayer” by Jason Newsted


At Wed Feb 15, 11:33:00 AM EST, Blogger Jack and Coke said...

I respect a man who hunts and shoots stuff

At Wed Feb 15, 11:39:00 AM EST, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

Even one that's inept at it? The guy who got shot was wearing an orange hunting vest, if I read correctly.

At Wed Feb 15, 08:02:00 PM EST, Blogger Don't Panic said...

dicks, quails, bushes...and now guns? eegads.

At Wed Feb 15, 10:18:00 PM EST, Blogger Danger said...

The way I figure it, anyone that donated to the Bush-Cheney team deserves birdshot to the face.

At least his karmic debt is closer to being settled.


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