Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Roommate and Other Ravings

He’s Normal!
My Dad’s right, at least in that I always have some sort of problem with any set of roommates. Being worse than Matt was going to be hard to top, but we had this new guy that management told us was coming in our sights in case anything went bad from the get go. Turns out instead of totally ruining his first impressions with me and Jack like Matt had, he turned out to be pretty normal, which is good! He drinks beer, watches sports, doesn’t mooch, and doesn’t scare away potential guests! Oh, his name is Ryan and this beer’s for him. Yes, I know it’s 2 PM…

Collisions are Better with Hotties Involved
I was driving back to the apartment with Ryan after going to the grocery store when some girl decides to turn right on red without stopping, almost leading to an accident. I begin to shout, “You fucking bi…” and focused in on the driver of the other car and completed my sentence with, “Oh, you’re pretty cute.” Ryan concurred.

More NextWave Plugging
Rather than writing about the upcoming book myself, I’ll just copy and paste what the editor had to say below:
While Lowe would love to simply tell everyone to buy "Nextwave" because it promotes world peace and will change their lives, he chooses to be even more eloquent and tell you why, saying "The answer here is eightfold:

1. "'NEXTWAVE' is the most unique super hero comic on the market.
2. "'NEXTWAVE' is printed with mother's milk.
3. "'NEXTWAVE' will make you fall in love with Warren Ellis (you remember what love is, RIGHT?).
4. "'NEXTWAVE' is the funniest comic book ever (take that, Dark Knight Strikes Again!)
5. "'NEXTWAVE' proves that Stuart Immonen made a pact with the devil to make him the most versatile artist in the world.
6. "'NEXTWAVE' contains subliminal messages that will increase your IQ and lower your cholesterol.
7. "'NEXTWAVE' gloriously brings four lower tier characters back up into the upper tier while creating a few hilarious new characters.
8. "'NEXTWAVE' knows where you live. Don't piss it off."
Comic of the Moment: NextWave by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen


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