Friday, January 06, 2006

Apple Monkey, Chinese Shenanigans, and other Madness

A new toy[Dave/Scott]
Apple Monkey
My Creative Zen Micro was having some problems with its headphone jack, again. I guess the thing has taken too much of a beating whenever I go to the gym, especially when I do preacher curls since the headphone plug pressed directly into the padding of the exercise equipment no matter what I do while doing the curls. Unsure of how much longer the player was going to last (I can’t stand the station the gym plays), I went down to Georgia Tech’s bookstore and purchased a discounted iPod Nano (4 GB). Yes, I know, I bought and iPod, something I swore against in the past… but it’s so small!

Exit Matt
It took a semester but Jack finally got building management to move Matt out of our apartment. He could have been a nice guy had he not talked too much (and so fast), laid off the drugs, and treated the apartment better. With him gone, everything seems a lot more peaceful than they had been in a couple months.

Chinese Shenanigans
Jack thought it would be a good idea to start inviting people back to the apartment now that Matt had departed, so yesterday we had Jessie and her boyfriend, Aaron over for Chinese. They ordered their food before Jack and I did and drove on down the pad and we just hung out until the delivery man called. For some reason he had the food Jack and I had ordered, but not Jessie and Aaron’s so we waited downstairs for fifteen minutes for it to come while the latter two sat there starving. Driver finally comes and we take the food upstairs.

Jack opens up our bag when we get upstairs to find the delivery guy had given us the wrong order. He calls up the restaurant and tries to describe the food in the bag we received as “some meat with broccoli” and “meat on a stick.” Luckily the driver hadn’t given our order to someone else and came back to trade bags. A bit frustrating night, I must say.
”A life, some would argue, is a series of problems. There’s no denying the truth in that – but why get lost in it? Why not rise above the truth... …and lead a good life? Shouldn’t we all look at problems as a chance for us to find… …solutions?
Comic of the Moment: Lex Luthor: Man of Steel by Bryan Azzarello and Lee Bermejo


At Sat Jan 07, 10:08:00 AM EST, Blogger nathan said...

The Nano is quite sexy...I'm thinking about getting one myself.

At Sun Jan 08, 01:03:00 AM EST, Blogger Jack and Coke said...

CHIN CHIN - "can you describe the driver?"

**thinks 'a chinese guy' **
ME - "No"

CHIN CHIN - "what did you get?"
ME - "meat of some sort on a stick"
CHIN CHIN - "do you know what kind of meat?"
ME - "no"

At Sun Jan 08, 07:05:00 PM EST, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

Damn Chinkanese drivers!

Yes, the Nano is sexy... whatever happened to your iRiver?


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