Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Hate It Here

Spider Jerusalem getting down with the tribeI’m currently living at Ian’s apartment. It took forever to get that damned router I just purchased working. The water here’s brown at the slightest hint of heat, so it’s been ice cold showers for the last couple days. Oh, why am I complaining now that the water was brown? There’s no water at all at the moment! It was supposed to come back on at 1630 today! I’m going to have to go across the street to take a crap. If my new apartment building pushes back move in day I’m going to take my infamous baseball bat to the incompetent staff there.

Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan is kicking my ass. This is my kind of (crazy and demented) sci-fi. I guess you can expect that out of an English writer who bears a odd resemblance to Rasputin. This is probably the filthiest thing I've read outside of Preacher, and I'm loving every second of it.

Saw an ambulance coming out of the Varsity, our famed grease-pit, on a Thursday. Poor sod, it must suck to feel your arteries and veins instantaneously solidifying after ingesting one of their chili-dogs.

One of the perks of working at the post office is that I get free magazines from the piles leftover whenever Tech students graduate and not leave forwarding addresses. Now I can read all the Maxim I want without paying a dime! On another work related note, now that the Hispanic student worker is gone, I’ve noticed the mistake pile is considerably smaller compared to what it used to be. Plus the numbers on the accounts are matching up just fine now. God, I hate incompetence in the workplace.

On the way back from Kroger one day some Hispanic mother and child crossed the street without looking. Thank God for new brake pads. What is wrong with people these days? Do they not teach their children to look before crossing in Latin American countries?

409 seems to work well against ants. Perhaps it works as well against humans in proportional amounts? I'll need to test this sometime.
“Your challenge was ignorant and filthy, but I accept it anyway, on condition that I get a raise and an expense account for weaponry and the use of your wife.”


“That easy? Even the wife bit?”

“Why not? She left me last year. You can find her, you're welcome to her. Carry a whip and a chair.”
Comic of the Moment: Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson


At Thu Aug 11, 10:42:00 AM EDT, Blogger Danger said...

Yeah, Transmetropolitan is amusing. Read some years ago, and though it was worth a chuckle, it failed to impress me. I guess I can laugh at crass humor and not go out of my way to find it. Maybe I'd change my mind re-reading it now that I'm older (it HAS been over 6 years, after all).

As for Latin Americans and their ways, I can say is that they aren't particularly worse than any other group I've encountered so far. If I had to think of an excuse for them in particular, though, I would say that they come from countries where the idea of public order is less strict than here in the USA, so they might not observe all our little customs and habits and nunances that tend to reduce chaos in society (such as avoiding traffic accidents by looking both ways before crossing).

At Thu Aug 11, 01:53:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

To each their own. Growing up around military folks has made me appreciate crass and dark humor a bit more than your usual person. Besides, I didn't particularly take to Neil Gaiman's Sandman probably because I played Planescape: Torment on PC far before I read the aforementioned comic. I keep on putting off the sending of that game to your for some reason. Probably procrastination.

At Thu Aug 11, 06:52:00 PM EDT, Blogger Don't Panic said...

Does 409 work with spiders?

At Thu Aug 11, 07:23:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dave/Scott said... might just tickle their genitals.

At Thu Aug 11, 09:55:00 PM EDT, Blogger Danger said...

I figured you put it off because you hated me or something.

At Fri Aug 12, 08:01:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

Nah, the game and write-able CDs are kind of packed right now since I'm in the middle of a move, so that's my legit reason right now. It'll ship probably next week.


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