Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Knight Out with Friends

My sleep schedule was knocked out of sync after the whole concert deal on Friday night. To put myself back on track I drank a shot of Bacardi 151 and followed it with some NyQuil and it worked perfectly. Worked out for the first time since Wednesday this morning. Neck was still a bit tender, but I finished a whole workout.

BatmanWow, I've seen Batman Begins so many times now. I don't feel too bad though. I really enjoy the movie (Jack says Mr. and Mrs. Smith is better, but then again, he like's happier, more fun movies more) and hanging out with friends is a definite plus. Well, today I went with Mike and Janine today to see it at the IMAX theater at the Mall of Georgia. Janine was a little hesitant to ride in my crappy Toyota after hearing about my brake problem a couple weeks ago, but it really wasn't that bad of a ride. Turns out the IMAX showing sold out before we got there, so we settled for a regular theater. After the movie we drove Janine back to Marietta and Mike and I had some beers and an appetizer at Rocky's. Good times.
"Keep them entertained. Tell them that joke you know."
Movie of the Moment: Batman Begins


At Tue Jun 28, 01:12:00 AM EDT, Blogger Jack and Coke said...

I just think that Mr. and Mrs. Smith was more entertaining overall as a movie but Batman was better written and more true to Batman. I don't know, Batman was probably the Comic [a new genre?] movie I have or will see in a long time, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith was just fun.


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