Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Plan

The International Affairs department is offering to aid people within my major's school in taking a trip down to Washington DC to attend briefings held by the Center of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The aid is going to be something around $200 to $300, which would cover most of the plane expenses. However, I managed to run up about 100,000 frequent flyer miles through recent travel and can use about 25,000 miles for a free round trip flight instead. The other problem was hotel reservations, which are a tad expensive in the downtown DC area but luckily I have a friend down there willing to house me for those days. I had to fib a little with the application since GT employees have to submit receipts to receive reimbursement, while non-GT employees receive a lump sum check. Hopefully this will pan out and I'll make a couple hundred dollars for nothing more than hanging out with a friend from college.
"I say we go with plan 'B.'"

"They could be expecting that."

"That's what makes it unexpected."
Comic of the Moment: Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness


At Sat Jun 18, 11:50:00 PM EDT, Blogger Jack and Coke said...

What's that quote from, it seems so familiar. Is it when Superman and Batman have to assault a building?

At Sun Jun 19, 09:55:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

Nah, it's when they take on a bunch of their friends.

At Sun Jun 19, 10:59:00 PM EDT, Blogger Jack and Coke said...

oh yeah, to save that kid in Tibet or something... it's been a while


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