Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm on my wallstreet

Yeah, that's my laptop. I couldn't think of a decent subject title, so that's going to be it. Speaking of the wallstreet, they just got xpostfacto working for Tiger. I really should install it, but alas, I'm not too sure anymore, my machine has been officially unsupported since Jag, and i'm already running Panther at a decent speed, so maybe Tiger will slow it down a bit too much. Anyway, I saw Batman Begins. It was good, although i would have directed the action scenes differently, as the camera was way too shaky and close to the action to tell what was going on a number of times. So, I knew Batman would beat up the goons in a lot of action scenes, but I did'nt have one clue how he did it. Overall it was good though. I'm quite excited about War of the Worlds though, i've been craving a sci fi flick for a while.

Oh, now i'm on to the women. I went out with another older woman, well, 16 years older, but she's very nice. She just moved up here from Cali, and she's really attractive. But I'm not too sure about her, she really wants her alone time, and I guess that me liking her scares her a bit. Not in a bad way, it's just that she's been so hurt from her ex hubby that she's trying to rebuild a life without anyone first. So, it's hard to actually spend time with her, with us both knowing that we like each other. Well, not even knowing, but admitting, we both admitted a mutual attraction to one another, and there was a nice little kiss, but alas, i think that she's been thinking about it too much. I think that she could handle being with a guy like me, and I believe i could be with a woman like her. So, after we had the talk about space, we still flew a kite together, and went for coffee, and I'm thinking of inviting her to dinner to my house on Thursday. She's a vegetarian, so that's going to be a different style of cooking for me. And i'm sure I can make something really good, but I don't know what to make, and me being the carnivore, i love having meat with my dishes, so I guess I'll have to splurge and buy some Portabello Mushrooms. Which, used to be thrown away all the time until the a bunch of vegetarians began to like them, and then it becaume so cool of a fungi that it's value was on the up and up. End side note.

Oh yeah, I hate my manager's scheduling. She's screwing me over by giving me one day a week off, 40 hours, and shifts that are during the most painful times of the day.

And my ex wants to date me again, but she lives really far away, and I'm lazy.


At Tue Jun 28, 03:36:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

Actually, that was the point of the action scenes being hard to follow, espeically the fights. Batman's key to success over large numbers is to keep them confused.

At Tue Jun 28, 03:52:00 PM EDT, Blogger Jack and Coke said...

I'm running panther on my iBook G4 and it can't find the startup disk so I have to take it to the Apple store at Lennox. It will slow down your machine and it takes up a lot of memory. You might just want to stick with Jag, there's nothing special about tiger.


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