Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Lots

I went to Big Lots yesterday to help move some furniture to a friends house. Be forewarned that if you buy a pickup truck you volunteer yourself for the moving of any and all furniture that your family and friends own. That being said I went to meet this friend at Big Lots to move a sleigh bed to their house. Now, Big Lots is far from Pottery Barn and is not for the more affluent shoppers. Hell, IKEA looks like the Ritz Carlton when compared to Big Lots, but the stuff there looks okay. I guess it's a good place for college kids to go if they need to buy a coffee table that they assume will in the course of the next week will be smashed into a thousand pieces.

The real reason I liked going to Big Lots though is that I realized I could buy everything in the store with the contents of my wallet. I'm not saying I could buy anything in the store, or one of everything in the store, but literally the entire stock of the store, for like $100. Kind of comical.


At Tue Apr 11, 07:08:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dave/Scott said...

Where was this store a year ago?


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